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Capbreton and its gems

A heritage full of discoveries

The harbour and fish market

Enjoying a stroll around the harbour is an integral part of your visit to Capbreton. This is the only harbour in les Landes, and for more than four centuries its fishermen have enjoyed a very special privilege: selling the produce of their trips out to sea directly. Come and try the regional's fresh produce!


L’Estacade is a walk you just have to do! It consists of a wooden pontoon around 190 metres in length, built at the harbour entrance and which has a lighthouse at the far end.

The  Maison de l’Oralité et du Patrimoine

This is an actual living memorial of the town, and you really must visit the MOP! Here, you'll discover various aspects through its history, a fun staged event, various artworks and more. But you'll also find a 3D reconstruction of the gouf (undersea canyon) and recordings of local stories and legends. What's more, these stories are told by the locals themselves. 

The beaches

You really won't be able to spend any time in the Landes without making the most of the huge swathes of fine sand. When you visit Capbreton, you'll be able to choose between eight beaches so as to put an even broader smile on your face!

Route: Labenne – Capbreton 8 mins – 6 km via the D652