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Come and have some fun in San Sebastián, Spain

San Sebastián (Donostia in Basque) is located in the Basque Autonomous Community and is a fantastic destination from which to acquaint yourself with northern Spain. Lulled by the waters of the Cantabrian Sea, it lies just a few kilometres from the French border and 100 km from Bilbao.

Come and have some fun in San Sebastián, Spain

The old town

The old town is the most typical part of San Sebastián, and is the perfect place for walking. Stroll along its streets and alleyways and see its emblematic buildings. You'll find the town's two oldest churches here too: the church of San Vicente and the basilica of Santa Maria, as well as the famous Plaza de la Constitution. You'll be bowled over!

Monte Igueldo

Deemed one of the town's most emblematic locations, Monte Igueldo is a real must-see. You'll be treated to a spectacular view over the town and bay from here. And at the top there's a surprise in store for the whole family! An amusement park with 17 attractions where people of all ages will be able to enjoy all sorts of excitements! To get there, just step aboard one of the oldest funicular railways in the Basque country, dating back to 1912.

Beach of La Concha

Don't miss the Bay of La Concha, home to one of the world's loveliest beaches! This wide bay alongside San Sebastián is a real icon, and is also where you'll find a lovely long beach. The wonderful island of Santa Clara, located just at its entrance,  provides it with some protection from the swell, making it just the place for a bit of unadulterated relaxation!


Doing the rounds of the tapas (pintxos in Basque) bars is San Sebastián's TOP pastime! This ultra-pleasant tradition, which is a real institution, generally takes place in the streets of the old town as well as in the Gros district, where each bar has its own star pintxo. Come and try it all!

Route: Labenne – San Sebastián 54 mins – 70km via the A63 AP-1

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