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Sare, a place that'll take you by surprise

Listed as one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France, you are going to just love the authenticity of Sare, together with its heritage and its way of life. Through its mediaeval streets, you'll be able to see the typical Basque houses and the wash houses, which typify this lovely village. When you come to Sare, you really mustn't miss its church either. See its steeple and its bell, its tower, its oak floorboards and beams. This is a place that will be full of surprises for you! 

Sare, the must-see Basque village

The Rhune train

Fancy the idea of a one-off experience with the family? Then step aboard this authentic rack and pinion train dating back to 1924. You'll climb a total of 700 metres in 35 minutes and reach the top of the Rhune, at an altitude of 905 metres. At the summit, an absolutely astounding panorama awaits you, with 360° views over the Basque Country. And on a clear day you'll be able to make out the Atlantic coast and the beginning of the Pyrenees themselves. During your stroll around at the top, pottoks, a breed of pony which calls this area home, will form an integral part of the scenery. This Rhune inhabitant, which lives in packs, is actively involved in maintaining the mountainsides. Black-faced Manech sheep also have a special place in the Basque scenery. This typical local breed is used to make cheese.

The caves of Sare

If there's one place you really must visit while in Sare, it's the prehistoric caves. Set right in the heart of an area of exceptional nature, you'll discover an underground world in which history has left its mark. As you make your way along  the tunnels via a secure route, you'll have the opportunity and time to explore the secrets of this world.

Basque specialities

Any visit to the village of Sare would be incomplete without tasting some of its wonderful produce. The Basque region really has some things in store for you to treat those taste buds! Feast on some gâteau basque, a dessert which originates from the Labourd. And try some sheep cheese while you're here too, as well as charcuterie, apple juice and cider, and all sorts of other delicacies.

Route: Labenne - Sare 49 mins – 44km via the A63 D255

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